Been there, done it

At Elastify, we’ve been around the block a few times, helping organizations of all sizes to improve their security, compliance, performance and resilience. Here are just a few examples.

Helping a non-profit protect what matters most

In what proved to be a wise move, FNMHF chose Elastify to provide valuable subject matter expertise and assistance to accelerate key initiatives that have enhanced the maturity of the trust’s security program. Elastify helped FNMHF remediate approximately 60% of their high and medium risk findings.


Migrating Complex Email Services to the Cloud

Our client is an Ontario higher education institution that employs almost 4,000 staff and faculty members who support 50,000 students each year. As a higher education institution, they pride themselves on personal development and education in a modern learning ecosystem, which includes onsite and online learning.


Enabling a Small IT Team to Support a Billion-dollar Business

​As a leading Canadian hedge fund with offices around the world, our client manages billions of dollars for Canadian and international investors. Due to the nature of its business, including the need to make time-critical, online transactions, and their international client base, the company relies heavily on its IT infrastructure.


Identifying & Mitigating Information Security Risks for a Global Saas Company

Our client is a long-standing software-as -a-service provider, dedicated to developing solutions for the financial and regulatory sector. With strategic business initiatives to grow their client base, management knew it was imperative that the core of who they were, from a people, process, and technology within their corporate IT teams perspective, was defined and established.


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