Identifying & Mitigating Information Security Risks for a Global Saas Company


The client

Our client is a long-standing software-as -a-service provider, dedicated to developing solutions for the financial and regulatory sector. Their product offers transformative insights and analytics that streamline day-to-day activities for their clients. The success of their product offerings has allowed them to solidify themselves as a global leader. They are trusted by over half a million customers in 120 countries.

With strategic business initiatives to grow their client base, management knew it was imperative that the core of who they were, from a people, process, and technology within their corporate IT teams perspective, was defined and established.

The challenge

Purely from the lens of information security, no matter the company (with some exceptions), it’s incredibly difficult to experience continuous growth, without sacrificing some best practices.

For our client, they knew that to further scale, both organically and inorganically, they needed to take a step back. Self-evaluation is important, but unbiased analysis and assessment creates important dialogue.

The solution

With Elastify’s agnostic, non-cookie cutter approach, we were able to engage the right subject matter experts to perform a detailed Security Program Assessment, which included all things people, processes, and technology.

As part of the assessment, Elastify set out to review the organization’s Information Security, Risk, and Compliance strategies, and also assess the current state of their network and security architecture, to understand the adequacy of the controls for secure management of the environment.

The outcome

​Through effective and collaborative workshops with the client, Elastify was able to fully assess the status and maturity of their Security Program. As a result, we were able to:

  • Identify, validate, and document gaps within the overall IT and security strategy
  • Interpret the criticality of the gaps, based on industry frameworks, resource experience, and strategy of the business
  • Incorporate gaps into a detailed roadmap, covering gaps, risks associated with said gaps, remediation recommendations, applicable costs and effort (internal and external) to remediate

Through this assessment, Elastify was able to uncover critical issues, which required immediate remediation. The findings were documented in a way that could be easily consumed by all levels of the executive team.

Today, Elastify continues to support our client with key remediation activities, both locally and globally.


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