Data Protection & Privacy

Data breaches can damage brand reputation and impact consumer trust, leading to severe financial consequences. A strong data protection program is essential to keep your company’s sensitive information secure and effectively manage risk. Our experts will ensure you meet your privacy obligations while strengthening your data protection and security posture.  

Data privacy

Data Privacy Consulting

With over 20 years experience in data protection and privacy, our experts can help no matter how large or small the project. Whether it’s providing tactical or strategic advice, building policies, or guiding the implementation of controls and processes, we’re here for you.

Data protection

Data protection & privacy regulations

We’ll help you understand the improvements required in your data protection and privacy program and guide you through the development of robust practices that meet compliance requirements.

vDPO (Virtual Data Protection Officer) Services

The appointment of a DPO or Privacy Officer is required by a number of privacy laws across the globe, but many organizations lack the skills and resources necessary to fulfil the role. Our vDPO services offer a flexible alternative by providing the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost.

Data Protection & Privacy Readiness

We’ll help your organization avoid regulatory fines and reputational damage, by ensuring you comply with all relevant privacy and security standards. We identify the gaps, create the policies, and put the relevant controls in place.






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