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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Your business faces cyberthreats, audits, data integrity issues and changing rules and regulations. Good thing you found Elastify.

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Rapidly shifting environments and regulations puts added pressure on organizations. They must transform their existing systems and policies to mitigate risks and remain compliant. Successful transformations help your business survive, thrive and accelerate.

"We don't want you to simply be compliant, we also want you to be secure. Compliance should be seen as a powerful competitive edge, not a burden.”

Andrew Janusas

Director, Cybersecurity
& GRC at Elastify

Benefits of Elastify’s Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Services

Our GRC experts have dynamic skill sets in IT risk, enterprise risk management (ERM), cybersecurity, data protection, and IT auditing. We augment your existing team and help identify and mitigate risks while meeting and adhering to compliance requirements.

& Strategy

We assess your current state and develop a future-proof information security and/or data protection strategies, including built-in flexibility to identify and manage risks wherever they might arise.

Risk Identification

We help you understand and prioritize risks to build mitigation strategies.

Protection Prioritization

Elastify helps identify your 'Crown Jewels' and provides detailed recommendations on how to protect what matters most to your organization.

A More Resilient Business

Your governance, risk and compliance strategies must be tailor-made for your organization. Get recommendations in people, processes and technology to improve business resilience, reduce risk, and enhance the maturity of controls and processes.


Your dedication to risk identification and mitigation, improved corporate governance, and stringent standards of compliance, will improve client, employee, partner and investor confidence.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

It starts with assessing your current information security risk profile against industry standard security and data protection frameworks including ISO 27001, NIST, CIS Controls, MS SSPA & DPR, SOC 1 & 2.

Process Overview

We then prioritize risks and gaps against the cost of protection, provide remediation recommendations, craft your future state, create a roadmap, and support implementation to improve security and achieve applicable compliance requirements.

GRC Services

IT Internal &
External Audits



Compliance Readiness

Data Protection & Privacy
(Quebec Law 25)

Cyber Due
Diligence (M&A)

Vendor/Third Party
Risk Management


Customized Policy &
Procedure Development

Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery

Elastify Cybersecurity Services by the Numbers




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Why Elastify?

More than an IT consulting firm, different than a recruiting agency, Elastify is a successful fusion of both. Our open network of leading IT professionals, technicians and specialists gives you on-demand access to top IT talent and technology.


You have clear visibility into everything we do for you. You get peace of mind knowing that your solution is deployed to the highest standards.


Elastify's staff augmentation practice acts as an extension of your technology team. When you call, we work with you to understand your needs and tailor the best solution to fulfill them.


We humanize technology. You’ll relate to us. We’ll connect with you. You’ll always get straight, reliable answers.


You get immediate, competent capacity and capability in precisely the areas you need it. And you can scale the solution as needed.

Total Service,
Start to Finish

From the design and management of your project, to the trained IT professionals for implementation and roll out, all supported by Elastify’s ‘been there, done that’ in-house team.
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