Offensive Security

Do you understand the vulnerabilities in your IT systems? Our experts provide insights into the methods an attacker could use to bypass your security controls and help you identify the flaws that are often missed.

Pen testing

Penetration Testing (Web and Network)

We simulate cyber-attacks on systems, networks and web applications to identify real-world security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. Our penetration tests are not simply automated scans; our local resources have the skills to test manually, following key Penetration Testing Standards. No outsourcing means you know exactly what you’re getting and ensures data residency to meet laws and regulatory requirements.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management Programs

We provide a tailored program of continuous monitoring and improvement to ensure vulnerabilities are systematically identified, prioritized and addressed for a more resilient IT environment.

Red teaming

Red teaming

We use a combination of real-world tactics and tools including social engineering, distraction techniques and data intelligence gathering, to evaluate how well your business could withstand an attack from a real adversary.

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