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Case Study

First Nations Market Housing Fund

How our Security Team helps a not-for profit


The First Nations Market Housing Fund (FNMHF) is a stand-alone, long-term, self-sustaining, non-profit trust dedicated to providing homeownership support to residents of First Nations communities. Information security is a growing concern and it’s not different for the leadership at FNMHF. Management regularly assesses its security posture and continually looks to improve the maturity of its program.


FNMHF recently had a routine review performed on its security controls and processes and there were some areas that required improvement. Management set forth a prioritized action plan but with limited internal resources dedicated to information security, there was a risk that the identified gaps would not be remediated in a timely manner. This was potentially leaving the organization vulnerable to disruptive events that could impact its ability to deliver services or expose sensitive information.


FNMHF was seeking a partner to assist with a number of these critical initiatives, including governance, risk management, and training and awareness as well cater to other unique and varying security needs. Elastify’s security practice offered subject matter expertise as well as an on-demand and flexible approach to helping FNMHF improve its security posture.


Elastify has worked closely with FNMHF to enhance the maturity of its security program through:

  • Developing a comprehensive suite of policies, standards, and guidelines
  • Provided on-demand advice and guidance on security best practices
  • Assisted with process improvements and remediation activities.
  • Helping FNMHF procure a training & awareness solution

Through this initiative, Elastify was able to help FNMHF remediate approximately 60% of their high and medium risk findings. Elastify understands the challenges organizations face when trying to manage day to day operations as well as stay on top of the latest security threats and risks. FNMHF has the confidence in our people to know they’ll receive top notch service and expert advice to address their cybersecurity concerns and protect what matters most.



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